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About us at Tyreboyz

Welcome to our new site. Please excuse any errors you find on the site. We are constantly changing the new site to better serve you. Any suggestions or comments are always welcome since our e-mail trash is emptied daily. Just kidding, we are continually striving to grow and adapt as a company as well as personally.

Any feedback only helps. But be gentle.

At Tyreboyz we specialize in diesel trucks and performance upgrades, but we don't stop there. We work on gas and diesel, cars and trucks,foreign and domestic. Make us your one stop shop for all your vehicles needs. From after market steps and bumpers, to motors and transmissions.

Some of what we do....

Diesel Performance

If your looking for stock performance upgrades, or looking to get 1,000+ horses to your rear wheels. Let our professionals help you decide on the right parts for your truck.


See our wheels page for some of the different brands and styles we carry. Also use the link to Joe's Tire to see what they would look like on your vehicle.


Don't loose traction when you need it most.  Or worse yet have a blow out that leaves you stranded.  Let us help you choose the tires that are right for your vehicle and your needs.

General Maintenance

Cars or Trucks, it doesn't matter, they all need their fluids changed at some point.  Yes for those of you who don't know, there are several different types of fluids in your vehicle. Let us check them, and let you know if they are low, burnt,nasty or just plain not there like they should be. Checking the fluids could  save you from a costly oops. 

Lift Kits

Dont have the clearance or look you want on your truck. We can help fix that. We carry all major brands of lifts to get you the ride height and look that you want. Depending on how high you go, just remember that getting in and out of the vehicle can sometimes be a treat. Step stools not included.


Don't find out the hard way that you needed new brakes.  Stop in and see us before that squeaking sound, turns into a grinding sound that becomes costly. Or worse yet you find that stopping is no longer a viable option. Ouch!

All things diesel....

Diesel Performance

From mild to wild, we do it all. Tell us what you are looking to do with your vehicle and what kind of horsepower your looking for.  Together we can sit down and put together a plan and budget for your build.

Diesel mechanics

We specialize in diesel performance and diesel mechanics. Why take your diesel truck anywhere else. When your money maker goes down, let us pick it back up for you and get you rolling again.

Big or small, we do it all!

From general maintenance, to motor and transmission swaps.  Let our professionals take care of all your vehicle needs for a worry free driving experience. So if you hear a strange noise coming from your vehicle,don't just turn up your radio. Lets us diagnosis it the right way.

We also do....

Lift Kits

Everything from leveling kits to 9"+ suspension lifts. We carry all the major brands.

Don't forget your wheels and tires.

We have the wheels to finish off that lift.

Don't let this happen to you!

General maintanence and inspections can avoid damages like this.

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