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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. If its closing time and you want to chat, you will be directed to the nearest pay phone with a quarter. Good luck finding  those. Just Kidding....We do our best to accomodate even the people who cant tell time.


101 N John St, Belmont, Ohio 43718, United States



Directions...Read Carefully....

We are off interstate 70 at the 208 Morristown exit. At the end of the exit, turn towards Pilot gas station and continue on Belmont/morristown rd for approximately 3 miles. You will pass the road to Barkamp State park on the left. At the top of the hill you will pass Belmont classic cars on the right. Your almost there. Stay straight. At the bottom of the next hill you will see a large billboard on the left. No its not ours we just use it as a landmark. And no I don't remember what it says since it changes all the time. Anyway, at that billboard turn left on to palmer rd/john street. That's our street. Go to the top of the hill until you reach a stop sign. STOP!  Look to your left.  There is a grey building with agravel lot. Your here. Pull into the lot,park and come inside.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE STREET. Its sad that i have to say that but many people feel that they can impede traffic sothey dont have  to walk. Don't be that person!

If after all this you still can not find us. GOOGLE it. "Or stop and ask Mrs.Betty for some of her sweet tea." Of course you may not get the directions you want but that not my fault. Good Luck.